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A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge by Josh Neufeld

1. Mario Baluha

2. A.D. NEW ORLEANS AFTER THE DELUGE, starts off by showing comic style, scenery photos of New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit then pictures of the destruction. From there it jumps back to before the hurricane and introduces the characters. Denise, a very smart, yet ill tempered 6th generation New Orleanian. Leo and Michelle, a younger married couple. Leo, a nerdy comic lover and publisher of a music magazine, who thinks though situations, but never speaks up and Michelle, a waitress, doesn’t think things through and voices her opinion. Then there is Abbas and Darnell, Abbas, Iranian- born New Orleanian, owns a convenience store with help of his buddy Darnell, Abbas’ goofy fishing buddy. Next comes Kwame, a senior in high school and son of a pastor. Finally, Doctor Brobson (Doc), a very smart, confidant Doctor who lives in the French Quarters of New Orleans. All of these different characters set out in different ways to survive Katrina. Denise, her niece Cydney, and Cydney’s daughter R’nae decide to ride out the storm in a building with other people. They get to their room and it was given away so Denise gets very upset and leaves to stay at her house. Leo and Michelle decided to pack up a few things to stay with one of Leo’s friends up north. He is very upset about leaving all of his comic books he has collected over his 20 something years. They miss the storm, yet their house is destroyed and all but one comic is lost. A very interesting part about when they return is that because of his post on a comic site, people start sending him comics to help is collection grow again. Abbas sends his family to Houston and decides to stay behind to protect his store, with help from Darnell, from looters. Turns out that there wasn’t looters but because of the levees giving way they were forced to the roof of a shed and have to be saved after a series of events. Kwame and his family decide to drive to Tallahassee, Fl where his brothers dorm is located. After debate he is sent to California, along with his other brother, to live while his parents work to fix the church and their home. Doctor Brobson, his confidence really shows through because not only he is staying at his house, he is holding a Hurricane Party for him and few close friends. After riding out the the devastating storm he used his skills by helping the general public of New Orleans with their sicknesses and wounds. This long and descriptive comic really showed the big picture of the Katrina and how she affected everyone. I believe that this book’s main idea was to show the realness of Hurricane Katrina by converting it into a comic strip. What was interesting is that the author, Josh Neufeld, made this so realistic that by the middle/end you create relationships with each character. 

3. This graphic novel was made with talent. It is a realistic comic drawn with pen or colored pencil possibly. Through out the book the author did a great job by providing detail for what he was trying to say with out providing too much text. The novel isn’t abstract and he wanted to head for an expressionistic view because of the actual event being described. Instead of making his art extremely real looking he went with more cartoon looking so it keeps severity, yet it is less dramatic like looking at actual pictures of Katrina.

4. I believe that Josh Neufeld’s intentions for creating this graphic novel was to inform, reveal, and communicate emotions of the years of devastation from Hurricane Katrina in the views of multiple characters. Mainly i would have to say that people who did not go through Katrina personally don’t really know what all went down and what people did to survive or unfortunately die. He did a great job describing situations and showing different scenes with good detail without going overboard.

5. Some strengths of Josh Neufeld’s graphic novel is that he describes every scene really good, so good in fact the comic didn’t need text. Of course with text it only made it better. I love how his drawings weren’t overly realistic, yet he made each character different in their own ways. He pretty much drew in each of their personalities. With each scene he outlines what we, the readers, need to bring in to fully understand the scenario. With that he also leaves other parts more abstract giving the readers a chance to let their minds wander and create their own backgrounds. 

6. One weakness would be that he jumps too far ahead at the end, like a few years, and with that it leaves us hanging on what happened right after the storm. Another weakness is that he really didn’t show that much about Kwame’s family. I was confused because he jumped right into him, his brother, and father leaving.

7. When it comes to recommending this novel to someone I would rule out young children. This is because he uses a lot of cursing, violence, and death, which are not suitable for children. Other than kids, I would have to recommend this book to anyone from high schoolers to adults. All of which I believe would be very interested because it is all about a tragic event that we all know about.

8. Josh Neufeld’s, autor of A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge, comis have also been published in World War 3 Illustrated, FSB, mMode magazine, ReadyMade, The Village Voice, The Chicago Reader, In These Times, and many other venues. Neufeld’s illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Nickelodeon Magazine, the Austin American-Statesman, the Washington City Paper, New York Press, ShuttleSheet, and many other publications.

9. I would have to rate this graphic Novel 4 out of 5. I really enjoyed this book and what it had to show. Im sure others would agree on my decision.